APP and SBS Torch on Membrane Waterproofing

man torching the waterproof to stick on the ground

Let’s talk technical! Any building project consists of highly complex processes and that’s why our team here at Waterproofing Pros Canberra can simplify how we do waterproofing. For any waterproofing job in Canberra, procedures are very intricate and that’s why we are committed to explaining torch on membrane to every client. Nothing can be more frustrating than being left out of the loop. Shall we conduct a quick info session? APP stands for Atactic Polypropylene Plastic and SBS is known as Styrene Butadiene Styrene. And torch on membrane is a post-modern waterproofing technique.


How does torch on membrane work?

The membrane consists of bitumen that is modified with asphalt being heated. This leads to activation that enables the membrane to cover whatever shape, material, and size. What a fantastic method for concrete waterproofing that comes with added features. The asphalts under discussion are usually either APP or SBS – one being plastic and one being rubber. Deciding which asphalt to use boils down to the nature of the waterproofing job. With our professional and highly experienced contractors, you will know which one is more advantageous for your project application. This is where choice is purely dependent on the area that requires waterproofing.


As mentioned, APP is a plastic modified asphalt that melts instantly when it is heated and flows like a liquid wax. Due to its melty nature, APP is very easy to install and can be done within limited time constraints. If you need a job done quickly and within a few hours or so this torch on membrane solution is a perfect fit. The only downside to APP is that it is not as resilient to being stretched as SBS. Struggling to differentiate? No problem. Think in terms of plastic versus rubber. We don’t mind giving our clients a quick demonstration. All you have to do is fill out our online contact form and we will call you back.


Rubber modified asphalt. SBS does not torch as well as APP which means installation will be more time-consuming than completing an SBS waterproofing installation. If you have got tight areas that require a high level of flexibility or even for wall flashing, SBS with its malleable nature is a clear choice. These membranes are capable of resisting tons of stress making it resilient to tears and punctures. When it comes to longevity, SBS takes first place. Have we cleared up murky waters? Still, trying to grasp how torch on membrane works? Contact us on our main service number and a customer representative will gladly provide you with some additional details.

Surface Application: Benefits

These waterproofing solutions are applied to various surfaces from terraces to roofing structures and offer their recipients a plethora of benefits and advantages. Have we mentioned how eco-friendly these applications are? What about uniformity? Ever thought of performance stability? And then there is the good old “d” word…DURABILITY! Your basement foundation or swimming pool will be waterproofed for a lifetime to come. Water has never been this tight. The benefits don’t end here. We encourage you to browse over our catalogue and see for yourself how torch on membrane will not dampen your surfaces.