Industrial and Commercial Waterproofing

man installing the black waterproofing material

Waterproofing Pros Canberra have been providing an uncompromising level of quality and service to the industrial and commercial sector since our inception. Not only do we offer our clients waterproofing solutions, but we specialize in repairs as well. In urgent need of a waterproofing system? Is your budget a bit tight? We will gladly assist with our cost-effective and flexible payment options. Our services include and are not limited to the following; concrete roof waterproofing, basement waterproofing, balcony waterproofing. Plus, we tackle car parks and storerooms. You name it, we proof it! We operate by the motto that the product should be matched with technique and application.


Why you should select WPC as your preferred waterproofing contractor?

We offer a full turnkey commercial and industrial waterproofing service, from inspections, technical support, reporting, and quoting to full project planning and exceptional on-site management. Our service is characterized by a sense of friendliness and efficiency. Additionally, you get the peace of mind you deserve as we are a fully insured company. The perks don’t end here. Our solutions are to-die-for as we use bitumen waterproof torch on, liquid systems, and acrylic systems. The safety of our commercial and residential clients is our number one priority – we follow stringent health and safety standards. Request a quote and see how affordable our solutions are.


Commercial waterproofing services

The sealants in decks get worn out over time and at some point will have to be replaced. The reason being that you want to keep water intrusion to a minimum. And for high traffic areas like parking bays and garages, you need products that will stand the test of time. That is what our products promise – maximizing the life of all your parking structures. As the experts in commercial waterproofing, we can advise you to book one of our custom on-site consultations. And when we complete a commercial waterproofing project, we finish in style. You will be the proud owner of both visually appealing and watertight surfaces or structures.


Epoxy coatings

A coating is designed to ensure that services are not only sealed but are kept in a hygienic condition free of contaminants. Once applied to substrates its screams aesthetic appeal and gives a clean fresh look to your industrial or commercial flooring and wall systems. Our specialists in epoxy coatings have completed epoxy projects for a wide range of clients from machine plants, warehouse floors, grocery stores, hospitals and schools as well as food processing plants. If you can name it, we have done it. What truly impresses our clients is our method of application – diamond grinding might be necessarily followed by various primers applied with just the right amount of thickness.


Industrial waterproofing services

We can help you offset your industrial building’s carbon footprint and reduce structure depreciation with our roof waterproofing and other waterproofing applications. Our specialist achieves sought-after waterproofing results with little hassles and interruptions to your business operations. Whether you have an inverted roof, flat metal roof, or flat concrete our custom installation process will be a perfect match. What are you buying into when you book our industrial waterproofing service? Longevity. Protection. Safety. Waterproofing your industrial structures and surfaces greatly decrease possible damages caused by nature’s harsh elements. Now you never have to worry about your interior and exterior structures ever again. Call our dedicated company for an on-site consultation.