Pools, Tanks & Ponds

clean pool with srata waterproof

We are the experts in outdoor waterproofing. That’s right we can splash some waterproofing before you apply epoxy for finishing your swimming pool. Our results are immaculate as we inject the waterproofing product into the cement – a cementitious coating. Want to keep up with the latest developments in car park decks or road-bridges? SBS  elastomeric bitumen torch applied waterproofing membrane. What a mouthful? This product is ideal for horizontal surfaces that are inadequately sloped which creates areas of standing water like wooden decks and concrete pool decks. All the waterproofing products and technologies can be overwhelming, that’s why you have us. We support you all the way from product selection to installation. Just give us a call.


How does it work?

Our team of waterproof specialists torch the single-layer elastomeric bitumen system onto decks with highly advanced technologies and tools to give structures the waterproofing capabilities you desire. This product is a high-performance nonwoven polyester reinforcement surfaced with white ceramic granules. Definitely a job for an expert which is exactly what you get when you book our waterproofing service for your surfaces. Tired of always stepping into pools of water before getting into your car? Is your car park made of concrete? Then, we have got the ultimate solution for you! At Waterproofing Pros Canberra we take you from soggy feet to YEET!


We waterproof tanks

Who would have guessed that concrete water tanks are not naturally waterproof? This is true for exterior sealing and crystalline products. Prevent failure by hiring us to properly prepare your tanks. Cracking occurs due to stress – when the pull-apart exceeds the strength of the concrete. The best possible way to avoid cracking of your tanks is to have an effective watertight seal. Our waterproof experts can help you achieve this by combining a concrete mix with an effective concrete waterproofing system. Our system installations aren’t limited to tanks, we have vast experience in artificial ponds too.


Repair & waterproof pools

Whether residential or commercial, our swimming pool waterproofing membrane installations are completed by factoring in both ingress and egress of water. Before any tools are lifted, we consider the grades and dimensions of your pool structure as well as the intended finishing surfaces to be applied over the waterproofing. And we don’t overlook the UV radiation exposure your pool’s service life would have to endure. Our wide range of products and systems fall nothing short of success. Approach our technical team and we will happily assist you with your designs. Please browse over our past pool projects and be impressed with our designs.


How much does waterproofing cost?

The golden question and an answer sought by all our clients. Waterproofing can be applied to various structures differing in length, width, and volume. Size does matter! The bigger the structure, the bigger the bills. Plus, the type of service will require different methods and technologies. For this reason, it is impossible to provide our clients with fixed rates. Each waterproofing project is unique and requires its own design. Book a consultation and we will gladly assess if you need a waterproofing product for repairs or what type of system is ideal for your new construction project. We bet you that our rates are the best in Canberra.