Rooftop Waterproofing

old man on the roof while installing watrproof

Water leaks in your home or commercial property can be costly. We use a spray product for your roof tops that will eliminate any leaks and are durable and low maintenance. Our waterproofing solutions for tops of roofs are not limited to liquid sprays, we have a wide range of solutions on offer. These solutions can be applied to existing structures or newly erected ones.  Do you need roof leak repair, or are you wondering if your roof needs to be waterproofed? Go ahead give us a call and one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will schedule an assessment on-site to help you identify which product is the best possible fit.


Australian waterproofing, ACT

The building code of Australia sets out specific standards and requirements for waterproofing. Who can do waterproofing? These regulations of who is permitted to proof differ between states and territories. One thing is certain, the company and contractor installing your waterproofing must carry a license. Plus, a statement of compliance must be issued once the installation is complete. Another important rule is that the installation should be accompanied by a guarantee and a warranty. With our team, we tick all the boxes. Our applications and materials fall nothing short of Australian standards. Need more details with regards to the regulations? Our team will clear-up any grey areas.


Liquid rubber

Thinking outback? Think to outlast. This liquid base rubber is a fade-resistant waterproofing solution that is available in a wide array of standard rooftop colours that are of an eco-friendly nature. We use an industrial airless sprayer for applying the liquid onto concrete that results in a seamless well-sealed application. You get extra for your buck with this waterproofing product – ceramic and glass particles which is formulated with ceramic and glass particles protect your roofing structure against heat penetration giving you a much cooler home or office space. This way you ease up on your insulation – two birds one stone.



You get more than ten years of roofing and proofing benefits. Withstanding cracking is caused by chilly temperatures and prevents mould deposits. Rubber can stretch to great lengths about ten times its actual thickness. Wait there are more advantages of liquid rubber. Have we mentioned that it is eco-friendly? Liquid rubber is not limited to roof tops, it has many other applications like tile, sheeting, and concrete. Why not create a more energy-efficient home? Liquid rubber will give your home a more regulated temperature which means your AC will no longer have to do all the hard work.


What is a rooftop waterproofing installation?

The name is self-explanatory. It is when you give the top of you roof an extra layer of protection to prevent your roof from leaking or building up moisture. Why is a solid waterproofing system of such importance? There are thousands of reasons. Most importantly you want to maintain the structural integrity of your roofing structure by ensuring that your roof can endure the conditions nature throws its way. When waterproofing your roof our specialists can apply various products in a variety of ways. Form liquid to epoxy waterproofing. The methods and technologies used are mainly determined by what your roof top is constructed of. Call us for more info!